Log Sales

veneer log butt end showing rings

Firth Maple Products is one of the largest producers of Allegheny Hardwoods veneer logs in Pennsylvania. We specialize in Black Cherry (prunus serotina), Sugar Maple and Northern Red Oak. Our logs come from the Allegheny Plateau of Northern Pennsylvania and Southern New York. This region is home to the famed Allegheny National Forest and Susquehannock State Forest, both known for producing the highest quality Cherry timber.

We offer logs in many grades and dimensions. Because we handle a large volume of logs we are able to offer quantity sales and specialty logs. We regularly offer Black Cherry logs in 4 side clear (slicer), 3 side clear (export) grades as well as large diameter “table top” logs and saw logs. In Hard Maple we sell 4 side clear, 3 side clear (export) and “skate board” export logs. We typically offer two grades of Northern Red Oak logs, 4 side clear and 3 side clear. Occasionally we have veneer-grade logs of other species such as Soft Maple, Birch, Basswood, Tulip Poplar and White Oak.

In addition to veneer logs we sort and sell a variety of species including: White Oak stave logs; White Ash baseball bat logs; Tulip Poplar and Beech basket logs; Larch, Hemlock and Pine sawlogs; quarter-saw Oak logs and more.

veneer logs under shelter
Our log yard features large, roofed sheds where buyers can inspect logs out of the rain or snow. In addition, these sheds offer protection from the sun, keeping logs fresh during storage. We operate two large log forwarders and are able to expertly load shipping containers and other trucks.

Log Sales Contact

For more information, contact Troy Firth at (814) 654-2435, ext 302.

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