Lumber Sales

dimensional lumber in stack

Firth Maple Products operates several sawmills to generate 4 million board feet of lumber annually.  We specialize in Black Cherry and white Hard Maple lumber, but offer a variety of other Appalachian Hardwoods including Soft Maple, Northern Red Oak and White Ash.  Our logs originate on the Allegheny Plateau, a region that covers Northwestern Pennsylvania and Southwestern New York and includes timber from the famous Allegheny National Forest and Susquehannock State Forest. Working with logs from the best timber regions results in Cherry lumber with very little sapwood, minimal gum and deep red heart wood.

Our lumber is graded based on the National Hardwood Lumber Association rules.  We have facilities and space to sort lumber according to length, grade and thickness in all species.  Color and width sorting is available as well.  We are proud to be FSC Certified and offer this option to our lumber and log customers.

lumber being loaded onto semi trailer

Lumber Sales Contact

For more information, contact Jason Roblee at (814) 654-2435, ext 303, or email

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